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Bringing remarkable designs from over the world to your living rooms . Interiors with differences that make a difference

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Under The Hood?

Designing is what we know, and we know it better. Conifers leverage deep expertise and industry knowledge to transition customer-concept of a home to reality. We feel that a home is for ever and should travers through generations remaining "Evergreen-as the Conifer forests." Excellence being a habit, we are committed to superior quality and results delivering solid projects for a lifetime and beyond. We are certain about the touch-and-feel of your home, not just to soothe your skin but to tranquil the inner soul. That's why we integrate your vision with our idea-stockpiles and strive to life-up your dreams.

Acoustics-intense design for inner peace.

Client-specific depiction to suite your address.

Design for waste reduction

Human-centric flooring for cock-a-hoop experience.

Compact-space models for space utilization.

  • Our Vision

    We envision a world of contemporary designs-for you and for all. That's why we churn out the best designs from around the globe and bring it into your living rooms. Conifers endeavours to make your home your best place.

  • Our Mission

    Conifer's mission is to proffer interior designs that stay for a lifetime. Our alpha is to blend customer requirements with contemporary designs to add value to your homely emotions. Placing creativity at its best, we deliver projects on time for a cost that's worth spending for. We do it right so that you benefit more than what we earn.

  • Our Values

    Ethics being at its core, Conifers has come a long way today delivering projects of high quality, endurance, and style. We understand it right that "business is not for the businessmen, but for the customers."

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